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Cigar Rollers, Custom Cigar Bands, Cigar Servers, Event Planner Professionals and Premium Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events are all brought together to bring you Cigar Catering® for your special moments.


Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events continues to enjoy a national following of cigar aficionados everywhere that's growing with each event. Experiencing the cigars is what it's all about and once enjoyed, guests seek us out again. This demand for Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events cigars now allows for retail cigar stores to affiliate and get in on the action.


Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events from CF Dominicana and all of our Cigar Catering® features are expertly coordinated with our own pro event planners to ensure the cigars and staff are planned perfectly for the big event. Press from the major markets - 30 in the last 16 months - has sent Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events to celebrity status. The cigars are "Grade 1" Connecticut Shade Broadleaf and the Seco/Ligero combination in the CF Dominicana filler blend makes our premium cigars the favorites of the guests. Many celebrities are customers.


Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events create the Soho and Tribeca cigars at each event while guests look on. The gentle, pleasant aroma of CF cigars conveys high quality to the high profile guests. One of our event planner professionals will help you to integrate the cigar roller demonstration in the best way possible to contribute to the success of your event. Every major city is covered and easily coordinated. Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events is a cigar company, not an entertainment vendor. We reserve the right to refuse any event for any reason as Phoenix Cigar Rolling Events prefers to work with upper tier event planners and professionals.

The end result is a winner, an event that makes your guests remember, a flair that guarantees an impression, a Star Quality presentation fit for Stars and cigars to make everyone - Enjoy.

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